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Module 1 (8 Weeks) - Introduction to Programming

Decision trees & control

Binary number system


Arithmetic operators


Module 2 (8 Weeks) -Programming Constructs






Dynamic Arrays

Asymptotic notations

Module 3 (15 Weeks) - Problem Solving & CS Fundamentals

Time Complexity

Arrays & Strings

Binary Search & 2 Pointers

Recursion, Hashing & Sorting

Bit manipulation

Stacks, Queues & Linked Lists

Trees, Tries, Heap & Greedy

DP, Graphs

DB, OS & Computer Networks

Module 4 (8 Weeks) - Statistical Analysis & Data Analytics

Python, Jupyter, Numpy, Pandas

Git, Linux Terminal, File I/O

Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra

Distributions, Sampling, Hypothesis Testing

Databases, SQL, Index, Partition, Schema

Web API, Scraping, Automation, Flask

Module 5 (8 Weeks) - Data Science & Machine Learning

EDA, Data wrangling, Feature Engineering

Supervised & Unsupervised Models


Factor analysis

Predictive Modeling & Forecasting

Recommender system

Module 6 (15 Weeks) - ML Engineering - Deep Learning & Big Data

Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch

Neural Networks, Computer Vision, NLP

Reinforcement Learning

Research Papers in Deep Learning

Warehouse - AWS S3, HDFS, HBase, NoSQL

Ingestion - Kafka

Analysis - PySpark, YARN, Airflow, Hive

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