Our services

1. data extraction

Access clean, valuable data  with web and mobile scraping services that drive your business forward

Let our web scraping experts build and manage the bespoke solution to extract web data for your business needs.

Fast. Reliable. And at scale. Our team will work on your custom project and ensure your needs are met at every phase of the project lifecycle

Our web scraping experts can build and maintain the ideal extraction solution to extract web data to drive your business forward. Quickly and reliably, whether you’re starting out, scaling up or in the big league.

2.competitor analysis

We dig-in to your competitors' business orientations, product and service positionings, sales triggers, battle cards, marketing strategies, and stay up-to-date with the important happenings around your industry. This gives you a super idea about your market and the trends of the market. We also analyze details about your competitors' customer and prospects for the product or services they are selling.

3. lead generation

Business leads are essential elements for your commercial success, and they are especially significant when you want to grow your business. We help you to gain the necessary information about your prospects with lead scraping from the world wide web. You get the contacts of the right consumers to market your product to. Contact data could contain

mailing addresses, emails, phone numbers, or more modern contact information such as profiles on social networks or topic forums.

Collecting contacts through web data scraping services allows you to customize your audience choice, and specify the locations to look for leads. We also sift through social networks and trace your competitor followers and display them to you in one single chart for you leverage on.
4. E-commerce comparison

We support site owners to regularly measure traffic, conversions, bounce rates, and more. They can assess the information to see which practices work and which ones could be better. Then, they can edit their website and adjust their sales strategies as needed. In essence, our eCommerce scraping is conducting analytics on other websites and and mobile apps. We collect data on your competitors. Here are the specific functions we help your eCommerce with:

Price Monitoring:

Charging Less and Making More. How much do you charge for the products in your store? You must be careful when marking up your prices. This predicament hits hardest for stores that do not sell unique items.That is why we are here. Anyone can try to entice customers with prices that they believe are more affordable. With a single glance at a single chart, you could make more informed decisions. That way, the changes you do would make your store look better without any decrease in profits.

Lead Generation:

Winning Over New Customers Catching up with more established competitors is an important goal. However, the true goal should be surpassing them. One of the best ways to do this is lead generation. With our data scraping, we do more than show you what other businesses are doing. Our lead generation solution teaches you more about your target audience. Pursuing potential customers and converting them into buyers becomes much easier.
5. digital system transition / data store

If you're working with an old machine that can't work with a new system. Rather than trying to recode or update the old piece, we help you to just pull from it and start anew with current technology We provide you with data storage for free